Introduction to Camille

and I am here to support you.

My name is Camille and I understand what it feels like to live with Chronic Pain.

Two years after losing my husband to suicide, I was hit and run over by a 4WD just 300 metres from my own home. I clinically died in the helicopter that day.

3 plates
3 scars
18 screws
8 blood transfusions later ... I started my recovery.

I was determined that I would walk again. I committed myself to a routine: no sugar, no processed food, plenty of water, lots of healthy movement. I astounded my doctors, defied all the odds, and I recovered over 60% of my capacities.

I know that your choices and decisions take you where you want to be.

One year later, on a normal afternoon in my garden, I had a hot water bottle burst on my lap. 5% of my body was burned by the boiling water. I was back in hospital: the same hospital, the same views, but this time the burns unit. What followed was an agonising two weeks of daily surgery, ketamine and morphine cocktails, and 3 skin grafts. By maintaining a healthy body my skin has healed well, although I still carry the scars of my story.

I believe we all carry our scars: visible and invisible. They are here to remind us how strong we are.

What makes recovery and healing easier? The people around you. Having a team on your side. Having someone to hear your story and to walk with you on your journey.

I know I survived these experiences so that I could be here to help you.

I managed to heal my bones, my body, my mind, and my soul - even if some days it feels like an ongoing process.

I established Bespoke Empowerment Holistic Wellness with the purpose to provide you the support you need for your individual wellness journey.

Whatever you are going through, when you open the door of Bespoke Empowerment you will find the help you need.

Together with the most wonderful team of practitioners Bespoke Empowerment will help you learn how to piece together your recovery and take control of your health and wellbeing.

Healing is a bumpy road. Support is key. We are your support. You are not alone!